More About Me

No garlic or onions, Please!

Garlic and onions are part of a larger family called Allium, and include: leeks, chives, and shallots. If you’re intolerant or have an allergy to one, you may also be sensitive to others in the family.

We’ve been allium free for 20 years. It wasn’t easy at first as so many items in the grocery store have these items in them. Be vigilant and check the ingredients list. I even found canned tomato sauce that has garlic and onion powder in the ingredients.

I’m a four-legged, furry world traveler with an insatiable appetite for all things garlic and onion free. From my home in Cambridge, Massachusetts, I’ll help those looking for allium free foods with flavor profiles, cooking suggestions, tips, and recipes.

Traveling the world with my owners, I’m always looking for new and interesting restaurants, recipes, and retail shops offering the best in allium free foods.

I have an entourage of stuffed animals from every city that I’ve visited. Due to travel limitations, only a select few of my more than one hundred members travel with me.

Come along with me as I explore the world of allium free cooking in my very own dog bowl.




2 thoughts on “More About Me”

  1. Chuck Krumroy said:

    A couple of updates you might want to consider:

    Your post today about Evergood Market is sadly out of date. While all that you say was certainly the case for many years, for the past number of months we have watched in dismay as the shelves empty out and it becomes more and more difficult to simply walk in and put together a decent dinner. Frequently they are out of eggs, have almost no cheese on hand, decent canned tomatoes (heck, any canned tomatoes) are a thing of the past. When asked, the owner Diana says, “Oh, we’re getting a whole lot of new stuff in — the shelves were just filled with things that people weren’t buying.” That was three months ago and the shelves have only gotten more sparse. The store seems to be disappearing right in front of us. Very, very sad.

    Also, West Side Lounge closed in the past number of weeks. Also very sad.

    • Yes, you are correct. The stocking at times seems sporadic, but I’ve still managed to find what I was looking for. Let’s hope that this isn’t a sign of anything more than poor planning. We’ve lost West Side Lounge, lets not lose another!

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