IMG_2349I’ve been going to Ogunquit one and off for the past eight years. The food scene there has never been what’s drawn me. It’s the rocky cliffs along the Atlantic Ocean and the beautiful beach that calls me back. A few years ago, So Zap opened up, a small urban Thai kitchen as they call it. It’s only open during the tourist season so if you want to try it you’ll have to face the summer crowds.

The service is better than most place in Ogunquit. Friendly, fast, and you’re treated well. The food while always fresh, and well make has a few drawbacks that are worth mentioning. For those with sensitivity to spiciness, be careful and make sure you ask. They have a heat rating of 1 to 5. 1 being (what they consider) not spicy, to 5 being lip burning, tear producing heat. The problem is that some of the recipes start at a 3 and according to them can’t be altered lower, only higher.

I ordered the drunken noodles, one of my all-time favorite Thai dishes. It’s always made a bit spicy, so when I was told this was a heat 3 dish I thought nothing of it. After the second bite my taste buds were burnt, the fur around my face matted to my skin from sweat and a constant flow of tears. If this is a 3, I would hate to experience level 5.

My dining partner, played it safe and ordered Pad Thai. He thankfully let me cool my palate and taste his dinner. The Pad Thai (made as a 1) was perfectly seasoned, and absolutely delicious.

So if you find yourself in Ogunquit during the summer months and are looking for a Thai restaurant, check out So Zap. It’s worth the trip, just be careful what you order, the menu is very small so there are not a lot of choices. If you’re sensitive to heat, ask if the spice level can be lowered. You’ve been warned.

Online at: SoZap
Take Reservations: No

Food Rating: 3.0 paws
Service Rating: 4.0 paws


Overall Rating: 3.5 paws

With love from my dog bowl to yours…Happy eating.