IMG_2432There is something magical about Santa Fe, New Mexico. Perhaps it’s the movement of the clouds against the stationary mountains or a mixture of the fresh air and the beauty of the landscape. So many things make this place unique, including the food, and Harry’s Roadhouse is one of my new favorite places.

The menu is as varied as the New Mexican landscape, but one thing this little doggy can attest to, it’s all delicious. It was about one in the afternoon, and the place was packed, but with the large seating area, beautiful patio, and spacious garden dining area, we didn’t have to wait. It had been a long day of traveling so I ordered their house margarita. The cocktail came to me in the shaker, and I got 2 drinks out it. This alone is enough to win me over, but let me get to the food.

Picture it, a smothered burrito. But not just any burrito. This baby was enough to knock my socks off (if I wore socks). A large flour tortilla stuffed with either grilled chicken or Mexican style ground beef (I’m on vacation, so I did the beef) then it’s smothered in cheese and your choice of green or red chile sauce (I’m a snob it’s only green for this puppy). And it’s all served with sour cream and guacamole. The first bite to the last my paws were trembling with excitement and my taste buds were humming.

If you’re ever in Santa Fe, this place is an absolutely must.

Online at: Harry’s Roadhouse
Take Reservations: No

Food Rating: 5.0 paws
Service Rating: 5.0 paws

Rating 5 Paw

Overall Rating: 5.0 paws


With love from my dog bowl to yours…Happy eating.