Qr5UxFn6-3fndR7aXrltrJXv1VX3iqVy40zKGV7GING1Dezrfo3ZwBjTMaQScHMwNhqWKg=s168This post is long overdue, and a review that is entirely different than the one I would have written a couple of years ago (2014) when I first visited Changsho. That first experience was not a good one, and I’ve not been back.

Fast forward to May 2016. I decide it was time to swallow my little stubborn pride and cross my paws over the threshold of Changsho once more. Instead of dinner, I did their lunch buffet, and while I don’t think everything on the buffet was great Chinese, for the most part, it was an enjoyable experience. The service was what one would expect from a buffet service, the food hot and fresh and the best part is it was only $13.00. Not bad considering what you get these days in Cambridge.

The hot and sour soup was, in my opinion, one of the best I’ve ever had anywhere – paws down. It was spicy, and tart, and smoky, and everything you expect of hot and sour, plus the flavors were perfectly balanced. I only wish the soup was on the all-you-can-eat buffet because that would have been it for me. Next time I’ll just buy the entire pot of soup and call it a day.

The vegetable tempura was deep fried to a light crunch and didn’t hold any of the grease you sometimes get with fried food. The kung pao chicken was cooked to perfection with tender slices of chicken in a delicious brown sauce, and the best part…it wasn’t so spicy that you couldn’t taste the ingredients. My only complaint was that the dish was a bit on the greasy side. The vegetable fried rice and lo-mein noodles were well prepared and packed full of tender vegetables, but again left you with a slight greasy feeling. My least favorite item was the pot stickers. I was hoping for vegetable or even pork, but no it was a big chunk of tough beef inside the perfectly seared wonton wrapper. I’ll pass on that next time.

Overall, my experience with Changsho was a vast improvement over my first impression two years ago. Will I be back? Absolutely. Changsho is not a fancy place, and it may not be the most authentic Chinese food, but for Cambridge, it’s pretty good.

Online at: Changsho
Accepts Reservations: No

Food Rating: 3.5 paws
Service Rating: 3.5 paws


Overall Rating: 3.5 paws

With love from my dog bowl to yours…Happy eating.