168sCambridge has a lot going for it, but one of things I’ve always enjoyed here are the little corner markets, or around here called Spas. Why Spas? I’ve never really understood, but that’s okay. You don’t have to understand the Boston lingo, to enjoy one of the truly wonderful things in the city.

Evergood Super Market is on Massachusetts Avenue in Cambridge. It’s a small grocery store, but it’s always well stocked. You need rose water for some obscure recipe, yeah, they’ve got it. (And one of the only stores in town that does). You need a can of collard greens? Yep, they’ve got you covered. They have packaged deli meats and cheeses, chicken, ground beef, well you get the picture. You need it, chances are you’ll find it in this store.

Their breads are brought in every morning from Iggy’s bakery, their produce also comes from local suppliers. The selections are small, but no matter what I’ve needed, I’ve always found it at Evergoods.

Some people complain that the items are overpriced. Look, it’s Cambridge, the rents are astronomical and for a small independent store to remain in business, they need to have higher prices. Frankly, I’d rather give a local mom and pop shop a few extra dollars every week, then to give it to Whole Foods, or worse yet, Star Market.

If you live in Cambridge and are ever in need of a quick trip to the store, go to Evergood Super Market. They treat you like family, not like a paycheck. It’s worth it, and it might make you feel good knowing you’re supporting a small independent family run business. A win-win for everyone!

Overall Rating: 5.0 paws

With love from my dog bowl to yours…Happy eating.