1.OutsideA few days ago my paws were getting itchy for a walk and like most of my walks, I found myself in one of the many specialty food markets in the area. This time it was Pepe Bocca in Davis Square in Somerville.

I had high hopes for this place, after all many people have posted rave reviews about the place, but personally I couldn’t see the attraction. Let’s start with the basics – bread. The selection of bread was impressive, however the breads that were wrapped and on a rack in the store were hard as a brick. After deciding I didn’t want to risk breaking a tooth, I opted for one of the baguettes behind the counter, thinking I’d be getting a better option. I didn’t realize it until I got home that the entire bottom of the bread was burnt, and I’m not talking about a little over done, I’m talking black as coal, scorched type burnt. It wasn’t edible. I threw the entire loaf out.

During that visit I also ordered one of their anise cookies. It was stale beyond words, and the anise flavor was so overpowering that the cookie was actually bitter.

From my experience and browsing through the store, this place is over priced and under quality. The only redeeming quality of my entire visit was that the woman behind the counter was very welcoming and with no attitude. With all the other great specialty markets in the area, I can’t imagine why anyone would choose this place. It was my first and last time.

Online at: Pepe Bocca

Food Rating: 1 paw
Service Rating: 2 paws

1.5 Paw Review

Overall Rating: 1.5 paws

With love from my dog bowl to yours…Happy eating.