IMG_1719Sometimes when you’re traveling you need a little taste of home, something to keep you grounded while traveling, a comfort in the memory of good food. That is where I found myself during my second day in London, and the reason why I chose to go to The Diner.

I checked out the menu online, and it looked authentic, you know truly American. There were numerous versions of hamburgers and hot dogs, basket combo’s of fried proteins with French fries and coleslaw. They even had blue-plate specials. Now come on who doesn’t remember those from their childhood. Plus, they had a decent selection of vegetarian dishes. I was sold.

Oh, how foolish I was to think I could get real American diner food here in London. The menu may have been authentic, but the food was in the words of many Londoners, rubbish. It was as if they photocopied an American diner menu, but hadn’t a clue as to how to prepare any of the food.

The tomato soup (usually one of my favorites) was loaded with garlic and onions. Blindfolded I would not have known there were tomatoes in the soup. It was watered down, thin, and other than the onion and garlic flavorless.

The grilled cheese sandwich was far worse. It was wrapped in paper (as is usually served here in London with fish and chips), it only helped in holding in the grease of the cheese. The sandwich was thick, heavy, and literally falling apart from the grease. I have no idea what sort of cheese they used, as there wasn’t any cheese flavor, just bread and grease.

I suppose here in London, no one is going to know what true American diner food is like, but let me tell you something, nothing about the place remotely resembles it, except for the menu.

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Reservations Accepted: Unsure

Food: 1 Paw
Service: 3 Paws

Overall Rating: 2 Paws


With love from my dog bowl to yours…Happy eating