1433321470319I’ve had bangers and mash in the states, and always wondered how much they actually resemble the real deal in London, well I found out. Of course both the British and American versions have mashed potatoes, sausages and gravy, but that’s were the similarities end. The flavor of true bangers and mash can’t be had in the State at least not that I have found. Mother Mash is my new home away from home.

Picture it. Eight different types of mash, from horseradish, cheesy mustard and of course the classic with milk and butter. Then there are nine different types of bangers you can select from. (Yes this is build your own) from Cumberland sausages, Lincolnshire to lamb and mint, and yes for you vegetarians out there they have a vegetable and herb banger! And it doesn’t stop there. Once you select your mash and bangers then you get to choose your gravy, from traditional to veggie and everywhere in between.

I selected the horseradish mash with Cumberland sausages and tradition gravy. IMG_1754(Pictured) From the first bite until the very last I was in doggy heaven. Word cannot describe the flavors and textures of this dish. The potatoes are whipped to a fluffy consistency mixed with a fresh horseradish sauce and bits of the horseradish root. The sausages are mild, and tangy and blend perfectly with the traditional gravy. If it hadn’t been for a full house, I literally would have licked my plate clean, that’s how insanely good this dish was.

I don’t know how other restaurants prepare their bangers and mash, but at Mother Mash’s that all they do, and they have perfected the art, and yes I now know that true bangers and mash is an art form.

Online at: http://www.mothermash.co.uk/
Reservations Accepted: No

Food: 5 Paws
Service 5 Paws

Overall Rating: 5 Paws

Rating 5 Paw

With love from my dog bowl to yours…Happy eating!