IMG_1696My first morning in London, found me a bit jet lagged and surprisingly hungry. I noticed next to my little doggy bed a breakfast menu for the hotel, which stated that their breakfast came from Princi Bakery in Soho. Instead of having breakfast in bed, I decided to get myself cleaned up and go to their restaurant. And here is where the review gets tricky.

The restaurant is beautifully designed open and inviting. The center of the room holds the wood-fire grill for what is supposed to be their famous pizza’s from Milan. Yes, this is a Milanese restaurant. A not so friendly waiter who seemed to be having a bad morning greeted us. After dropping off the menu, he quickly left. We waited, and waited a bit more before he returned to take our order. Once again we waited, and waited, and waited some more. The waiter had simply vanished he was nowhere to be seen. Finally a woman came to our table (after a good 20 minutes) to ask if we were okay, we explained what had happened, she apologized and immediately corrected the situation. Our juice, cappuccinos, and pastries were brought to our table.

The pastries were out of the world. Coming from the United States where you’re never sure what you’ll get when a croissant is ordered, this was truly amazing. Now I know what true French pastries are like. During our meal, we had three other employees of the restaurant checking in with us, including the manager (I believe) and it wasn’t until the plates were cleared that our mysterious waiter with the attitude showed up. And once again after passing by our table a half-dozen times I literally had to stop him and ask for our bill.

After talking to friends about this experience, I’m told that it’s not uncommon to have such dramas unfold at some of the finest Milan restaurants, so if this is true than this place is spot on for bringing the essence of Milan to Soho.

If you don’t mind a bit of drama and emotional meltdown from your wait staff, then this place is worth the trip.

Online at:
Reservations Accepted: No

Food: 5 Paws
Service: 2 Paws

Overall Rating: 3.5 Paws

ShatasSignature_3.5With love from my dog bowl to yours…Happy eating!