ls.jpgIf you’re familiar with the Valencia Street than you’ll know that this restaurant used to be housing in the old KFC building, and thankfully they’ve found new and much better digs up near 23rd Street.

We started our evening with the pan-fried gyoza. They were good, but that’s about all, nothing about them wowed me. The gyoza could have used a bit more time in the pan, as they were a bit soft and chewy for my taste. They only have one variety and it’s not vegetarian, so those who want these as your appetizer will have to settle on pork.

The rest of the evening’s menu consisted of vegetarian options from their regular menu and the nightly special. Their cucumber sunomono was nicely prepared and had a nice bite to it. The Agedashi Tofu, had an off-putting flavor, I couldn’t place the problem, perhaps old oil, or tainted with fish residue. It was my least favorite item of the night.

One of their nightly vegetarian rolls, was wrapped with a thin layer of tofu. Something I have never seen before. It was by far one of the best rolls of the evening. They should consider this one for their regular menu, because there is really nothing (vegetarian) that sets them apart from other sushi restaurants in the area.

Even with the above praises for some of their dishes, two of the three people in our party ended up getting sick that night. Odd to think that something vegetarian could cause such problems, my only thought would be that the vegetarian items came in contact with a surface that was not properly cleaned from fish.

Patrons be warned. Because of the serious stomach problems, I cannot give them anything higher than one paw for food.

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Reservations Accepted: Yes via Seatme

Food: 2 Paws
Service: 2 Paws

Overall Score


With love from my dog bowl to yours….Happy eating.