IMG_7932Teeter Totter is a phrase I like to use to describe things that have its ups and downs. A trip to the dentist, for instance, the down…some discomfort and unpleasantness at times, the up…shiny clean teeth. A movie is another example; good popcorn, terrible movie, or perhaps the movie has its own ups and downs with each scene. I’ve never thought I would have to experience this Teeter Totter during one dinner. But that’s just what you get, or at least I did at Maysville in New York City.

The Up: The ambiance and setting are charming and well done. The lighted bar wall highlighting the hundreds of whiskeys and bourbons is warm and inviting.

The Down: The servers were robotic at best. No emotions, nothing to give you a sense that they want you there. They also don’t know how to talk about their selection of whiskeys and bourbons. It’s called better training folks.

The Up: The crispy grits with country ham and bourbon aioli was done to perfection. It was simple, well presented, and delicious.

The Down: The asparagus salad was a complete mess on the plate. The asparagus was overcooked at one end and undercooked at the other end. Bites were either too salty or not salty enough, and it looked as if there were three different sauces on one plate. It was a complete disaster.

The Up: The fresh ricotta filled pasta with smoked mushrooms. Everything about this dish was sublime. The dish was simple, elegant and every bite was a piece of art.

The Down: The slow roasted arctic char was another huge disappointment. The arctic char was cooked well, but the mint overpowered the entire dish. Quite frankly the mint didn’t belong on this dish. The grains were a mix, but what that mix was I couldn’t say. They were dry and too heavily seasoned. Again it was a complicated dish that just didn’t work.

Maysville doesn’t quite know what to do with itself. There is a lot of mint on the menu and some “Southern’ish” charms, which I am guessing they did because of the whole whiskey/bourbon theme, but there is just too much not to like about this place for me to recommend. They need to focus on the simple dishes and leave the complicated one’s to a chef who can execute them with more success.

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Food: 2 Paws
Service: 2 Paws
Overall Score

ShatasSignature_2-4-2With love from my dog bowl to yours….Happy eating.