large_extPicture it. My little belly is grumbling. Tomo Sushi was a no go, and now I’m standing in the cold, rain dampened evening wondering where to eat. I do need to interject here that I find it really strange that most restaurants in this college town close at 9 p.m., but I digress. I wandered a few blocks farther and came upon what appeared to be an acceptable place to eat. Thai Village. What could they do to Pad Thai? I asked myself as I scampered across the street.

The restaurant was empty, except for a table of very loud, very obnoxious customers. I was seated promptly, by a not so pleasant older woman and handed a menu. I ordered the tom ka gai soup, and vegetable pad thai. Oh, where do I begin?

The soup came out and to my shock, the broth, or perhaps a better word for it is “the base” was pink. Yes that’s right, pink. One cannot call this a broth as it was too thick. My mind immediately went to the Dairy Queen commercial about how their blizzards are served upside down to prove how thick the ice cream is. I’m not exaggerating. The flavor was okay, but I just couldn’t deal with the thick pink cream. After a few bites I pushed the bowl aside and hoped that the pad thai would be better. It wasn’t.

The noodles were overcooked. Some of the vegetables were also overcooked to the point of being mushy, while other vegetables were nearly raw. A couple of broccoli stems were actually cold. Oh, and can we talk about the greasy broth that everything sat in? Let’s not because it wasn’t a pleasant.

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Reservations Accepted: Yes via 609-683-3896

Food: 1 Paw
Service: 1 Paw

Overall Score

Rating 1 PawWith love from my dog bowl to yours…. Happy eating