brickyard-cafeI was wandering around on my first day of vacation in San Diego and came across Brickyard Coffee. I loved the look of it. It’s sort of funky, rustic vibe felt cozy and they have a great patio. It was mid to late morning on a Friday so I decided to stop in for a coffee and bagel.

Stepping up to the counter was when things went downhill fast for this little dog. The staff was, less than friendly as if my presence there was somehow unwanted. I had what I thought was a simple order, a sesame bagel toasted with cream cheese and a latte; a no brainer for a coffee shop right? Well not this place.

They took my money and gave me a number sign. No thank you we’ll bring it out to the table, nothing. So I went out on the patio, found a table and waited…and waited…finally 10 minutes later my bagel arrives. I mentioned that I had ordered a latte thinking the order should come out together. The guy shrugged his shoulders and walked away. The bagel was cold, and unappetizing, I nibbled waiting for the latte. I saw the guy delivering someone else’s coffee and asked about my latte. His response…”It’s coming.” So after more waiting, the tasteless bagel gone, I finally get my latte. I think I’d rather have scooped out muddy water from the street. Their coffee is terrible.

Long story short, don’t make a special trip to come here. If you happen to be walking by and want a coffee, wait, don’t bother because with their terrible food and customer service, they don’t want you.

Online at: Facebook
Reservations Accepted: No

Food: 1 Paw
Service 1 Paw

Overall Score

Shata's SignatureWith love from my dog bowl to yours….Happy eating.