Logo-(1)When in Cambridge, one walks everywhere. Last Wednesday, my first day in Cambridge, I did just that. I walked until my little paws were shall I say, dog tired. So I decided to stop in to the new restaurant, Cancun Taqueria on Massachusetts Avenue to rest my weary paws and to see what this place is all about.

The service was impeccable, and not to mention handsome <wink>. The menu is extensive and after some wavering of my taste buds, I ordered the chile relleno.  The chips and salsa were by far the best I’ve ever had in Cambridge.  The salsa, cold and absolutely fresh with chucks of tomatoes, onions ,and well appointed with lots of cilantro. It also carried a nice bite to it. The rellenos came with refried beans, which were creamy, smoky, and delicious. The rice was cooked to perfection but unfortunately lacked any seasoning whatsoever. The plate was accented with crisp lettuce and more of their wonderful salsa.

The chile relleno itself was well prepared, perfectly deep-fried with a wonderful red sauce. My only problem with the relleno (and I must add no fault of the restaurant) was that the chile itself was so freaking hot that it literally affected my little taste buds so that after a while I couldn’t taste anything.

I will definitely give Cancun Taqueria another try because I believe there is great potential with this restaurant.  They just need to make sure the entire plate is perfect.

This Restaurant has Closed

Food: 3 Paws
Service: 3 Paws

Overall Score

ShatasSignature_2-2-1With love from my dog bowl to yours…. happy eating.