What can one little dog say about the food scene in Cambridge/Boston that hasn’t been said before.  With thousands of outstanding restaurants to choose from what is this little doggy to do?

photoOur last night in Cambridge promised to be a wonderful evening, spending it with old friends and at a restaurant that I had always wanted to eat at when we lived here but somehow never managed to find myself at (thank to you know who).  Unfortunately, Ten Tables was a mixed bag.

The service was impeccable and friendly. The appetizer I ordered was a celery root soup with pear jam and house made croutons drizzled with walnut oil. The first spoonful sent me over the edge of happy. The delicate flavor of the celery root with the sweetness of the pear jam was a marriage made in heaven.  If only the entree could have been as delicious as the soup, this would be a much different review.

I have recently decided to try my hand at being a vegetarian, while I’m not going to get all crazy about it, I am determined to eat healthier. Unfortunately, Ten Table only had one vegetarian option on the small limited menu. It sounded wonderful, so I was happy to order it. Gnocchi with wild mushrooms, spinach and a gorgonzola cream sauce. Sounds good doesn’t it? Well, I would have rather chewed on table scraps from the next table over. The gorgonzola cream sauce was so overpowering, the rest of the ingredients may as well not have even been in the bowl. Seriously, give me the cheese sauce and some warm bread, but don’t insult the other ingredients by serving them with the overbearing sauce.

If you’re a meat eater, you’re going to love this place. If you’re a vegetarian, go elsewhere.

Online at: http://tentables.net
Reservations Accepted: Yes via OpenTable

Food: 2 Paws
Service: 4 Paws

Overall Score

ShatasSignature_2-2-1With Love, from my dog bowl to yours….happy eating.