IMG_0612It has come to this my attention, that my beloved coffee shop and cafe, Rue Lafayette’s has closed. While there is rumor that it may survive in some form at some point in the future, I felt it necessary to post a brief note about this beloved cafe.

For those who don’t know. Rue Lafayette was an amazing and unique place here in St. Louis. A French Quarter style coffee house, where you could sip delicious coffee and eat the most amazing croissants baked fresh every morning. Yet even with the top notch coffee and pastries, this dog appreciated the cafe’s mascot. A Boston Terrier named Bella. She was there every morning greeting customers, and if you were one of the lucky one’s you could have your morning latte with her. Yes, she got a latte each and every morning. Watching her lapping up that latte and then looking up at you with steamed milk over her face was a priceless sight.

There were postcards, pearls, and hairpieces for sale, all approved and created for and by Bella.

Let us hope that one day Rue Lafayette will reopen.

Food: 5 Paws
Service: 5 Paws

Overall Score

ShatasSignature_2-5With love from my dog bowl to yours….happy eating.