First I must apologize to my few yet faithful readers out there.  I have been away too long from the keyboard, and there is no one else to blame but my owners who back in December decided to leave the wonderful city of Cambridge that I had called home for 4 years and move to St. Louis, Missouri. I must confess I was skeptical of such a move and as the weeks turned into months I began to wonder if Mark and Bill had truly lost their minds this time.  My entourage has been packed up for 5 months now and are somewhere between Cambridge and St. Louis (or at least I hope!), but despite all the ups and down I have now landed in St. Louis with a handful of my full group with me.  They are the loyal ones who will never part from my side.

So now with all that house cleaning out of the way, I am here to say that I am back and will be eating my way through St. Louis one restaurant at a time.

Today was a hot and humid day, the kind that makes my fur all frizzy and uncontrollable, (okay so that’s most of the time these days) and as the afternoon progressed I had a strong craving for good ole comfort food the kind one might find at a cafeteria.  So, that is where we headed, to Miss Sheri’s Cafeteria in the Brentwood neighborhood. Now, I know you folks out there might expect a bit more out of me for my first review in St. Louis, but I am here to tell you I will be back to Miss Sheri’s!

It is nothing fancy, though after the few frightful nights on the road, this place could be considered on the finer restaurants I have been in for several days.  It is what you would expect from a cafeteria, a very long bar of salads of every variety from carrot and raisin salad, old fashioned cole slaw, jello salads of every color you can imagine. I selected the cole slaw and simple green salad.  Next were the hot entrees and each night of the week they run specials.  The food looked rich, fattening and of course that means yummy, but I choked back my desire for Salisbury Steak, Chicken Pot Pie, Beef Stew and slid on over to the vegetables – this girl has got to watch her wait around these parts.

After selecting the steamed corn, brussel sprouts, and macaroni and cheese, I ordered an ice tea and found myself a quiet booth to enjoy these wonderful comfort foods of my past.  Everything was as you would expect from a cafeteria, slightly overcooked, a bit salty and oh so delicious.  This will be one of my favorite go to places in St. Louis. It’s a no frills way to get basic comfort food at a very reasonable price.  If you live in St. Louis or are just passing through, stop on over to Miss Sheri’s and let her serve you up some of her food.  It’s worth it!

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Reservations Accepted: No

Food: 3 Paws
Service: 3 Paws

Overall Score

ShatasSignature_2-2-1With Love from My Dog Bowl to Yours…Happy eating!