We’ve had some great meals here at Geoffrey’s over the past three years, from a meatloaf platter than could feed ten men, or at least six hungry Shih-Tzu’s, to their Chicken Saltimbucca. So this weekend we decided to try what they refer to is their “Disco Brunch.”

It was true that they were playing some great disco hits of the 70’s and early 80’s but other than that the brunch theme seemed a bit non-existant.  Ah, but it was Geoffrey’s we were sure to get a great meal, this is if anyone would wait on us. Yes, we sat there for nearly 20 minutes before some young, twink wanna be cub eventually decided to come to our table.  Being brunch we of course had to have a cocktail, the Bloody Mary was good, but there were too many bits of things floating in the mix for my taste. No they were not foreign particles, more like bits of horseradish and crunchy bits of black pepper. Personally I wouldn’t order it again.

The food while good was not what we had come to expect from Geoffrey’s. The Caesar Salad was without any taste. The special bacon cheeseburger was good but certainly not “special”.  Mark order the turkey sandwich, which in my opinion didn’t look at all appetizing.

The service was terrible. Our waiter simply ignored us for the most part throughout the entire meal, except of course to bring us the check, and the place wasn’t even half full.  After this experience, Geoffrey’s is off our brunch list.  We’ll go back for dinner, and hope that it was just a bad day for them.  If not Geoffrey’s will be on my black list.

This business has close.

Food: 2 Paws
Service: 2 Paws

Overall Score

With love from my bowl to yours…Happy eating.